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The most exclusive stones of the world

Quality is first-of-all for us. Our blocks are taken from the best quarries around the world. Regular inspection and careful selection by Mr.Mazreku guarantees that we bring you the best from countries like Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkey, Italy, France and Norway.

Granite and marble are exceptionally durable with wide range of colors, we love to work with these stones. Their cradle is in India, which has the special place in Adriatik history. India is the country, where Feriz Mazreku 20 years ago started his journey building the stone kingdom.


Beauty, resistance and the breath of the past. Discover stone for your home

Stone is a jewel of the interior as well as extraordinary building material.
For its beauty, exceptional features and investment value, the stone is a holy grail in the world of natural materials and due to its design, it belongs historically and topically to the top exclusive level.

More than 500 types of natural stone can be admired and used in various surface treatments from high gloss to a rough, anti-slip surface.
Touch the history, experience the power of nature, let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the stone.

„Stone is the first building material. During the evolution, people have tried to work in building houses with other materials, but the stone still has a significant place. Thanks to its specific properties – hardness, beauty, temperature hold – is perceived as an outstanding material in constructing and for decorative purposes.“ – Feriz Mazreku




The stones we introduce you among the first will be:


The name of one of the most exclusive stones comes from Greek and means gemstone. If you’re looking for something exclusive, Onyx will be the first choice to look at. Its high light transmittance predetermines Onyx to the game with different types of backlighting and, together with a warm color scale from white, honey to bordo, makes it an exceptional design element that breathes luxury into any interior.



Granite is one of the most famous species of rocks, used for millennia in various branches as a symbol of status, power, strength and durability. Due to its high hardness, it is very resistant to scratching, cracking, staining and heat treatment. The content of different minerals in granite creates a wide variety of color combinations in a wide range of colors ranging from white, black to pink.



It is a symbol of luxury and cleanliness. Its structure is grainy and the color range is extremely varied. Unlike most types of stone, it is not cold and has been used for decorative purposes since ancient times.