Searching for a stone sounds like an adventure. Am I right or is it a pure business?

Traveling by choosing a stone is exactly the adventure as it sounds. It’s a journey to various, often remote corners of the world, where I look for the most beautiful and the finest stones.

Are you traveling a lot? Are you going everywhere personally?

All the stones are chosen by me. As company is growing up, I spent more time on the road, so my wife Ingrid often accompanies me. She joined me also on the February route to India, where we have spent a few weeks choosing the stones.

What did you look for in India?

India is the home of granite and marble, the two stones I work with most. Granite is very hard, resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and I love working with it. Marble is then one of the prettiest stones, it is clean and elegant, especially in India I find it in beautiful colorful scales.

But India has another, personal value for me. It was there where the spark was ignited, when discovering the first experiences. From there, I brought my first stones in 1995.

Before each trip, do you have a precise picture of what stone you are looking for?

Over all those years, I know exactly that in South India I find exceptional granite and marble in the north. When I travel somewhere, I’m mostly confident and do not return home until I buy, when I come.

So you come to a particular country, to a particular quarry, with exact idea of what and how much do you buy? Buy and return home? Like in the supermarket?
It’s not really like this. The stones have different beauty and different qualities. I choose quarries where I expect to find the best, but it does not always happen that easily and quickly. Sometimes finding the right stone for Adriatik is more challenging, as quality is a value for me where I do not compromise.

“Quality is a value for me where I do not compromise.”

So you do know the stones and quarries well. Does it ever happen that something will surprise you, and you are to discover something new?

I like to discover. On my trips, I always have my eyes open and sometimes I can find something extraordinary, which would also surprise me.

Where else do you go „shopping“ then?

India is the most attractive for me, but I travel to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil and even Scandinavia to get hands on new or classic stock stones.