I was born in Albania, but nowadays Slovakia is my second home. I came here for the first time in 1986 to meet my current wife, Ingrid. We were introduced to each other on a holiday in Croatia, and she was the reason why I live and do business in Slovakia up to today.

When I came here, I wondered what I was going to do. A good friend had a workshop in Croatia and was on a trip to Slovakia, searching for a sales representatives, in regards of stone sale for Central Europe.

I got a chane to be his export manager, I traveled around whole Europe and start discovering the new stones.

Finally in 1992, I settled here permanently and got the Slovak citizenship.

The break-point happened in the 1996, when I spent money on my own for visiting India, where I was trully amazed by the beauty of local stones.

In the same year, I set up company Adriatik as a simple jobber. I started to import stones from India, managed to cooperate with strong German company, and Adriatik grew gradually. I started with the production of monuments and created a new cemetery architecture, but gradually I was increasingly attracted by design and the interior type of jobs.

I gradually split the company into two, Diastone with monuments under the LTD business rules, and at the same time, I turned the Adriatik Stone into a joint stock company, a wholesaler of stone plates for interior and design. In 2015, I bought a hall where Adriatik resided today.

In 2018, I bought new lands with an area of 24,000 square meters, where a new hall with interior stones will be built, where will be placed also my new own design brand „Exclusive Line“.